Knight of Wands

While the Page of Wands marks the initial spark of a new idea, the Knight of Wands shows the actual pursuit of that idea. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, you are charged up with energy, passion, motivation, and enthusiasm, and you channel that energy through your inspired action. You have a clear vision about what you want to create and, fuelled by your passion and inspiration, you are now moving forward with leaps and bounds to turn your vision into reality. This card is your sign to go for it!

You are bold and courageous and willing to venture into unknown territories to further your mission and your dreams. You don’t really care if danger lies ahead – in fact, if it does, then it becomes all the more exciting and thrilling for you. Adventures like this light you up because you know growth and expansion are waiting on the other side. Be a pioneer and take calculated risks to reach new heights.

In this light, the Knight of Wands gives you the feeling you can take on the world! You are so committed to your vision and purpose that you will stop at nothing to bring it to life. As you pursue your goals, your confidence skyrockets, and you realise that your potential is limitless. You can do anything!

Your passion, enthusiasm, courage and confidence are highly attractive to others. Others see you as highly charismatic and want to be in your presence to benefit from your energy. While you haven’t yet mastered the art of bringing others along on your journey, like the King of Wands has, you do enjoy the extra attention that your charisma and adventures bring you. The question will be whether others can keep up with you, or if they are merely here to watch and absorb your energy by osmosis.

Be mindful that the Knight of Wands can express himself as an ‘act first, think later’ type of person. In your pursuit of action, you may be impulsive and impatient, expecting everything to be done yesterday. While you are bursting with energy, you have a tendency to rush into things with little consideration for the consequences of your actions. You may not have a clear plan of attack, hurting your chances of long-term success. If this resonates, find a way to focus your enthusiasm on the activities that will move you closer to your goal. When you have a new idea, rather than acting on it straight away, take a moment to check in and see if it truly aligns with your goals and whether it needs to happen right now. You may realise that you are better served by waiting for the opportune time to pursue this idea, especially if other ‘waiting’ cards, such as the Hanged Man or Four of Swords, come up in your reading. Or, you may realise that the time is now, and you can charge ahead with high energy and vibrancy.

Source: Biddy Tarot