About the Artist    

Alexa Harrington was born on March 4, 1994, in Dallas, Texas. Her childhood was spent collaging, reading, crafting, watching movies, learning astrology, and goofing around in her little suburban home with her two sisters, parents, and their vast array of pets. During her teen years, she dreamed of moving to New York and becoming an artist. She won a few scholarships for college but not enough to afford out-of-state tuition so she settled on moving 3 hours away from home to Austin to attend The University of Texas.

At 20 years old her life was forever changed when her mother died suddenly of a heart attack at the young age of 47. Only half way through her sophomore year when tragedy struck, Alexa managed to scrape by for the next two and a half years of college, graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism in 2016. After college, grief-stricken and spent, her dreams seemed unimportant and impractical and her confidence plummeted. Lost, heartbroken, and hopeless, she began to abandon the people who cared for her most and sought the company of people who cared a lot less. Living recklessly was an escape from the bleak reality that presented itself.

And then, just as it felt the world was closing in around her, a glimmer of hope appeared. Her closest
group of friends announced they were moving to New York City. Just one week before they were meant to leave, she joined their plans and they accepted with open arms and set off on their journey. Since making it to New York, Alexa has worked a series of odd jobs and meets a new character every day. Armed with her old friends and her new ones, and a renewed hope for the future, she is finally pursuing her dreams of being an artist.

Semi-autobiographical, this deck contains many themes from her life. Images of Texas, the moon, the Virgin Mary, old photos, vintage trinkets, and cowboys all represent her bittersweet past and a nostalgia for the people and moments that no longer exist. Imagery of suitcases, transit, animals in flight, and New York, represent the freedom of starting anew. Pictures of black cats, doorways, skulls, dark water, and fire, show pain, anger, grief, sadness, nightmares, and isolation. The butterflies and flowers you see signify love, happiness, rebirth, and the beauty of change.

This deck was made entirely from cut up old magazines and books (aside from a few small butterflies that were printed out from the internet) and each picture in every collage was painstakingly and intuitively hunted down and chosen to best reflect the meaning of each card. This project took nearly one year to complete and proved to be quite the test of patience and confidence.

Here’s hoping this Aqua Maree Collage Tarot deck will bring you all of the love and support you are looking for.

Good luck on your journey!